Raymond Ferguson

FSANS Director for Richmond County

Raymond joined the St. Peter’s and District Volunteer Fire Department in 1982 and worked his way up through the ranks to Fire Chief a position he held for 21 years. He also has been a board member representing Richmond County for FSANS and the Nova Scotia Firefighters School since 2009. He is on the conference committee and a subcommittee representing FSANS on the MFR Stakeholders committee. Past member of the Cape Breton Ground Search and Rescue and the Strait Area Ground Search and Rescue. Past member of the Richmond County 4H Leaders Council. He is married to Lorraine and has one Daughter and two Granddaughters. He also has three foster Daughters and three special Grandchildren.

Contact information

9373 Pepperell St.

Phone (902) 227-7750

ALTERNATE: Steve Marcellus