Annapolis County

Mike Lockett

FSANS Director for Annapolis County

Mike Lockett hails from Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, home of the Annapolis Valley Exhibition and the Centre of Geographic Sciences. Currently, Mike serves as a Captain in the Lawrencetown and District Volunteer Fire Department. Mike is also a retired Deputy Chief of the Bridgetown Volunteer Fire Department, with a combined service of over 30 years in the volunteer fire service.

Mike can often be found working on various projects within his own department, the county, and beyond for the betterment of the fire service.

Currently, Mike holds many positions within the fire service, including Vice President of the Annapolis County Fire Services Association, 1st Vice Chair of the Executive Committee at the Nova Scotia Firefighter’s School, Maritime Director for the Canadian Volunteer Fire Service Association, Director for ACFSA at the Fire Service Association of Nova Scotia, a representative on the Vols. Comm. (Volunteer’s Communications TMR2) Committee, an executive member on the TMR2 Advisory Council for the Provincial Radio Network, and Volunteer Communications Advisor for Public Safety and Field Communications (PSFC).

Mike’s professional career with Emergency Health Services as a Paramedic, and his journey to Operations Supervisor has had him assume many roles within the EHS organization, such as, past MFR (Medical First Responder) / System Support Coordinator, and current member of the EHS Emergency Preparedness and Special Operations

Alternate: Hilliard Ewing