Standards & Protocols

Nova Scotia Fire Service Minimum Standards

The FSANS Standards Committee is actively working on developing policies for minimum standards for the Nova Scotia Fire Service. Listed below are active Standards, showing the progress. All firefighters in Nova Scotia are encouraged to submit suggestions to be considered by the committee for inclusion in policies that are showing as being under development. Once a draft policy has been developed, it will appear below for review and comments. It is important to mention that these are the minimum standards. We encourage individual departments and organizations to build on these minimum standards to strengthen their own organizations. The directors of FSANS will notify the departments they represent as new policies are posted for review. Although these Standards are being written in the mandated form, they will remain as guidelines only until they are legislated.

REF# 07-02 Officer Qualifications

REF# 08-02  Training - Orientation Level 

REF# 08-03 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

REF# 08-04  Fire Dispatch Standards 

REF#  Exterior Firefighter  

REF#  Interior Firefighter 

REF#  Uniform Protocol